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Webspace SupportNeed help with something related to your managing and editing your Webspace? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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Cannot access some of my webpages to edit them - 02/17/2010
With geocities closing, I had WebRing convert my large websites to WebRing. They did an awesome job, especially with so little time to move my massive files. There were just a few glitches. I don't know much about webpages, but I've learned a little over the years.

One thing that's stumped me since October is that some of my photo gallery webpages are not accessible in order to edit them. They come up on the web, but for the life of me I can't seem to access them when I log in to WebRing. I've looked under all the folders.

Specifically, this is the page I need access to: http://webspace.webring.com/people/nk/karentj24/club77nmmc2/PG_130 I cannot create more photo galleries until I access this one, so I can create a "next" button on the bottom, to make viewing of future photo galleries smooth from one to the other.

If tech support can help, I'd appreciate. I have found no file or folder with this webpage title of PG_130.


Replied - 02/17/2010
Tweaked it some so you can edit hotse files in the top level folder. In the subfolders the CMS system does not recognize (currently) files without an extention. Ideally those should have a .html tacked on the end, but we're working on the CMS system....

Replied - 02/18/2010
Thanks for your response but not clear if this is helping me or not. Are you saying that I can't edit my webpage now because it doesn't have .html on it, but maybe someday I will? Can a webring tech person fix the problem? I can deal with all the other pages that aren't editable, but the one I mentioned is most important to me. Thanks. (When can we expect the problem to be fixed?)

Replied - 02/18/2010
No we said we tweaked it some so you CAN edit (garbled word) files :)

Login and try and then report back if you don't seem able to.

We can now, we tried.

Replied - 02/19/2010
I logged in and looked around the folders. I guess I need your help pointing me in the direction of where to find the page entitled http://webspace.webring.com/people/nk/karentj24/club77nmmc2/PG_130 if you were able to add .html on the end of it to make it editable. For the life of me, I can’t find it.

I did see where you added .html on photo PG_001-075 to I guess make them editable, but I don’t see PG_130. It should be in the folder “club7nmmc2” I would think but don’t see it in any of the folders.

I’m quite confused by some of the folders that had been created by WebRing. Some are empty. Plus I spotted a new folder that WebRing created called “images.” A look inside the folder I find gifs that I don’t think are mine. The names of the photos are unfamiliar. I would view the photos if I knew how. Is there a way? I wonder if these are someone else’s photos. But please don’t delete anything as I can’t have my stuff accidentally deleted as it is all irretrievable.

Thanks for your help!

Replied - 02/24/2010
I got no response from my last post, so I guess any help on this from WebRing to me has been exhausted? A bit frustrating.......

Replied - 02/26/2010
Sorry, got sidetracked.
The higher number files are down in a subfolder which we're still trying to make accessible via the webspace interface. We've tried a form of rename on them to append a.html that should make them visible using teh folder icon CMS methid.

they are in the folder club77nmmc2

Replied - 03/08/2010
found them. Thank you for doing that for me. I have three new questions:

(1) What is the amount of MB my free site is allowed?

(2) Where can I see my total MB used up so far. It seems each folder has its own MB, but is one a place to find total MB used up, so I know when I'm getting close to maximum space allowed?

(3) I have an .html page that I'd like to duplicate, rename and then edit for each new photo gallery I create. I haven't been able to figure out how to duplicate an existing webpage like we could do in geocities. I've tried to "copy" the .html page but it wouldn't let me as. Are there any plans to create a "duplicate and rename" option?

Thanks again for your help!


Replied - 03/09/2010
1) As a free member, you receive 50 MB of storage for your files.

2) We don't currently have a cumulative "space remaining" counter anywhere in our system, but that's a great idea that we'll add to our development list. Alas for now, you will need to manually tally how much space you've used up.

3) Same answer as #2. We don't currently offer that feature but will likely develop/add it later. For now, we recommend opening the page in CMS mode, copy all the page code, then paste it into a Notepad document. Then save the Notepad document as a .txt, rename it and make sure to change the ".txt" to ".html", then upload that file to your Webspace.

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