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Webspace SupportNeed help with something related to your managing and editing your Webspace? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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How do I get a 'http://webspace.webring.com' URL for my site ? - 07/03/2013
I posted this in the Member Support forum. I think that may have been the wrong place, so I am trying here.

I was recommended Webring by someone who has a specific Webring website URL. It takes the form of....

I think mine should be under "URL(s) and Ring membership(s)" on my admin page; am I right? But there is nothing there!

All I am offered is registering my own URL. I don't have one; that's a prime reason I need Webring, lol.

So, how do I get a http://webspace.webring.com/ URL like the one above, please?

Replied - 07/03/2013
once you register a URL for rin gmembership it sows up there. You want to use the
webspace/CMS link to create the webpage first.

Try this link for more info:

Replied - 07/03/2013
I just input MANUALLY my WebRing URL, equivalent to that of my acquaintance (trial by error)as follows:-


and it loaded in my browser. So it IS there!
But the problem remains....

When I click the (pagename).html file in CMS .....the URL is a
"sh1.webring.com/cgi-bin" address. That is not the access I want. It is unwieldy and unappealing to the visitor.

So, please, how do I open.....
directly from WebRing, instead of typing it in longhand, please?

It should surely be via "Your WebRing URLs and Memberships".

Please advise specifically. Thank you very much.

Replied - 07/04/2013
Add it to your registered URLs if you wish to see it there. The URLs section is SPECIFICALLY for URLs that you wish to get navigation code for and submit to rings. If that is your intent then by all means register the URL :)

When you sign into your account and go to your Admin (My Account) area you will see the link to register a URL in the gray box above the gray toolbar.
Also you'll see a link to register a URL: below the gray toolbar:

Your WebRing URLs and Memberships Register New URL

Replied - 07/04/2013
once you register a URL for rin gmembership it sows up there.

I have scripted the website in my CMS.
It is lying wasted in a nondescript "cgi-bin"" location.
How do I now register it please so that it shows up as a webspace.webring.com URL?
I know I keep asking the same question in different ways, but it is all I need to know to proceed.

Replied - 07/05/2013
Use the link as we suggested. You have several pages. Register whichever of them you wish, or all.

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