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U.S. researchers obtained 17 kinds of new antibodies - 08/30/2012
script type="Theraclone Sciences of the Scripps Research Institute in the United States, the biotechnology company, Monogram biological sciences and many other research institutions, a joint study group with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) cooperation, isolated 17 kinds can be widely and variants of the new antibodies of the AIDS virus (HIV), and provides a new target for the design of a vaccine candidate. Research papers published in the recent issue of "Nature" magazine.

Neutralizing antibody was obtained from the blood immune cells exposed to the virus produced after a soluble protein. In the blood, they can be combined with the virus and prevent further infection of human cells, virus particles can lead to cracking, caused "and" reaction. Neutralizing antibodies before the virus infection of human cells "to eliminate the" If such antibodies in human exposure to HIV, will be able to prevent infection.

17 new potent broad-spectrum and neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) is separated out from four HIV-positive patients in the blood, some of them can be combined with the unknown molecular structure of the HIV surface or epitopes, which means that in the design vaccine, the choice of target is greatly increased; effectiveness and wherein some of the antibody to block HIV infection of 10 to 100 times stronger than the previously developed antibody.

Only a small number of HIV-positive patients infected with the HIV virus for several years to produce a potent broad-spectrum neutralizing antibodies. Animal experiments have shown that a preventative vaccine can trigger these antibodies can prevent HIV infection. In 2009, the research team has isolated PG9 and PG16, including potent neutralizing antibodies, and related papers published in the journal "Science". PG9 and PG16 is the first time scientists have found broad spectrum of potent HIV antibodies with HIV-1, a glycoprotein (gp120)-specific epitope binding to prevent HIV-1 infection of human cells. Subsequently, the U.S. National Institutes of Health Vaccine Research Center with a completely different approach isolated a number of strong effective neutralizing antibody.

"Most of the anti-viral vaccines rely on to activate antibody reaction to produce the effect. While HIV has a strong variability, in order to effective anti-HIV vaccine must generate potent neutralizing antibody can trigger. Analysis of the structure and biochemical properties of these antibodies help to reveal the mechanism of the remaining HIV combine to form the immunogen, immune originally vaccine's active ingredient. "one of the authors of the paper, the Scripps Research Institute IAVI and antibodies center supervisors, immunology and microbial science professor Dennis Burton explained that these new antibodies in AIDS vaccine research has important value.

The researchers also pointed out that the key to the design of AIDS vaccine candidates is the effective use of the antibody response, to get the AIDS vaccine provides extensive protection, must be able to trigger potent neutralizing antibodies. The discovery of new antibodies also indicates the trend of the future AIDS vaccine design, as well as how to maximize the vaccine effect.
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