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How do I remove a contact email address? - 09/25/2014
I have reason to believe that I will lose control over my initial R360 contact email address in the near future. For this reason, I just tried to remove it as a contact address from my R360 account, but I couldn't find any option to do so.

What am I missing? How does one go about removing an email address that is no longer going to be good?

Replied - 09/26/2014
For those keeping score ... I've

1. Opened up a Support ticket in R360. As Webring / R360 has bought into the management fad of having the users / customers help each other (aka the blind leading the blind), that wasn't looking too promising to begin with. As (after five years of use) the Support area in R360 is still on page 2 - only two pages of posts - I'm not expecting a speedy reply.

Given the circumstances, I really need one.

2. I opened a Webring Support ticket.

3. I sent an email to Support.

A little extreme, but as Webring has a history of stonewalling its users and time would seem to be short, this seemed necessary. I'll give them a little while to reply, but with my email provider on the verge of locking its own users out of their own accounts (long story, managerial power tripping), I can't give them a few months. Nor should I be asked to. This is a security concern, and those should be taken seriously and addressed swiftly.

If this one isn't, I'll just create a new account, migrate everything over (webring memberships included) and explain to all involved why their time had to be wasted in this manner.

Not taking into account the possibility that a user might be forced to abandon an email address? Seriously, guys - for real? That sounded like a good idea to you?

Replied - 10/12/2014
So, Webring's solution to the problem is to hide the forum? How inspirational. Really a confidence builder.

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