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Bye, bye site editing, I guess? - 06/24/2013
I just tried to correct an annoying design flaw in my Webring Webspace site, and found that I could not. When I click on the folder icon in Firefox on this page


to get to the files I need to edit, I see nothing but an empty box, where the list of files are supposed to be. Yes, I know, we're supposed to accept that this is a feature, not a bug, and that we have to use Internet Explorer to try to edit our files?

Going to Webring.com in Internet Explorer, all I'm getting is a blank screen between the address bar and the tabs for the windows, below. So, I can't edit my files in Internet Explorer, either, because I can't even get to the page to do so, there. When I cut and paste the url for that page from Firefox, all I get is that same emptiness between the address bar and the boxes at the bottom of the screen, below the window.

At this point, all I can do is embrace the wisdom of the words "that's on you." Yes, my site looks terrible in Firefox. Yes, in abstract terms, it probably ought to be fixed, but since I've been deprived of the means of doing so, instead of feeling bad about the bad look of my site, I'll choose to feel good about the fact that I made more than a reasonable effort to fix it, and feeling good about that, then choose to shrug, and go out to get some iced tea and enjoy the nice weather. I believe that the expression is "being zen about it."

Whatever works, and I do mean whatever. Guys, do whatever you want - G-d knows, you always do - but don't be too shocked when you find that the existing Webring webspaces aren't being updated and new ones aren't being created. If you make a process frustrating enough, the users will eventually go "to Hell with this" and give up. We'd do that even if we were being paid to create these sites, and as I'm sure you know, we aren't.

There's some honest feedback. I wonder if you'll be mature enough to handle it, this time.

Replied - 06/24/2013
If it matters, I'm running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, at the moment. The user id for the affected account is opposed_to_homophobia, as one might have guessed as that is the account I am posting from, as I write this.

Replied - 06/24/2013
The culprit is almost certainly Firefox. Do you have another browser you can use while Firefox figures out what it's life is all about?

Replied - 06/25/2013
I'm open to suggestion. So far, IE and Firefox haven't worked out.

As for IE, I'm guessing that Webring doesn't support IE8, any more, judging by that huge whitespace on the screen I saw a few hours ago. I'd go out and get a computer that could handle something more recent than IE 8, if only I had a few thousand dollars to throw around lightly, but like a lot of people these days, I just don't, I'm afraid.

Lately, who does?

Replied - 06/25/2013
Chrome worked. I can only hope that Firefox find its mission in life, as you suggested.

At this point, I probably should come clean about something, though it does make me look a little silly, I'm afraid. I was looking at my pages, which had vast amounts of webspace at the bottom, wondering why I had ever made such a strange design choice, logged in, and found the answer, I'm afraid. My account would appear to have been compromised - there was javascript following the html close tag which I knew I hadn't put in place.

Nobody to blame but myself, really - that password was unacceptably weak. I trimmed the javascript on the spot, and then changed my password to something a lot stronger. I hope no damage was done because of my nitwittery on this point, and though I'd better tell you. Weird that somebody slipping code in on the sly would give himself away by having a few screens worth of whitespace appear at the bottom of each page, good luck for me I guess, but I have to worry about what else he might have been up to - or she. Computer crime is an equal opportunity employer, I suppose.

Anyhow, a thousand apologies. I can't believe that I let something like this slip past me. I'd better go check some of my other accounts, here and there, and make sure that there isn't anything else this easy to crack that I left behind.

Replied - 06/25/2013
Hmmmm .... strange. I'll be logged in, and then suddenly, I'm logged out. I think this happened before - something about Webring's system being on multiple servers, and the servers needing to talk to each other?

It's not hard to log back in, but I thought you might want to know about that, too.

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