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My WebRing displays have gone crazy! - 03/24/2013
Some of my multiple, horizontal WebRing display boxes have decided to change format all by themselves! Instead of the original, compact and centered box initially installed, now some of them have become unattractively stretched out across the entire page. How can I have them all returned to their orginal format.

Signed: josephcmeyer

Replied - 03/25/2013
We'll assume you're viewing using Internet Explorer, though you don't say. We're working on a "fix" for IE since other browsers work correctly already.

The problem is that you have not placed the navbars in any container, so IE expands them to fill the entire width of the container they are in (the page itself it looks like). If you place the code in a div with a specified width you will it for IE. something like:

div style="width: 650px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;">


we left out the opening and closing '<' and '>'

Replied - 03/26/2013
Are your navbars displaying a little better now under IE?

Replied - 03/26/2013
Yes, they are back to normal. Thank you very much! I am curious as to how you were able to manage such a change. Does "f=j" have something to do with it?

Replied - 03/26/2013
no. we had to develop a hack to fix what we consider a bug in internet exploder. Unlike all other browsers (we're aware of anyway), which renderd divs in such a way that they take up only as much space as needed (or specified) in the container they are in, IE decided (with ie 8 or 9/10 ???) to have divs take up 100% if the space. So the hack for IE is to give a div a specific width (500px was what we settled on).

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