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A surprising addition - 12/21/2012
Today's moment of wonkiness ...

I've been informed that a page of mine, located here


has been added to the Words - Creative Writing ring, located here


It's not at all a bad ring, and I certainly don't mind having my page on it, but the funny thing is - I never applied to have my page put on it. Of this, I am very sure. I even went back to my Webring e-mail messages to check, and sure enough, there was no message in it from that ring. There was, however, a "thank you for signing up" message about a ring which I really did apply to join recently - The Write Connection, located at


No rejection message, and ... this is interesting ... when I drop by this page to apply


I see this error message

"Ring cannot be accessed or does not exist. Please check your input and try again. Return to WebRing Home. Need Help?"

Perhaps so. Maybe the ring manager decided not to send a rejection message, and then maybe decided to shut down the ring, preventing further applications, but these are two relatively uncommon events, although maybe not as uncommon three days before Christmas, maybe. Still, it seems maybe a little likelier that something is misfiring.

Holidays or no, we still have the reality of my page being added to the wrong ring, even if it's a good wrong ring, and that looks odd, right?

Replied - 12/22/2012
the one ring was merged into the other. It had not received any traffic in months and was deemed close enough to the other in topic. Hence, you ended up in the ring that was merged into.

Replied - 12/22/2012
That's cool, in a distressing kind of way. I'm glad to hear that the system is working properly, but hope that the rest of Webring is seeing heavier traffic than that.

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