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How hard can it be? - 11/04/2012
I have had several sites on Webring over the years all working well but now I am stumped. Three travel photo Webrings were joined but only one remains.

The reason is that I just cannot get any response from support. These forums just dont hack it for my problem. If this forum is the wrong one then sorry but there is no forum for my problem.

The problem is that the travel photo webring shows a front page thumbnail attributed to my website that is wrong and cropped in height. It is no suprise to have had no hits from this Webring, possibly due to there is no ranking pages any more, but thats another problem.

I have tried removing the webring and joining another similar but the thumbnail remains the wrong version. It seems that
one users website gets locked into one thumbnail forever and thats it. It never gets refreshed.

If this plea fails then my only course of action will be to dump my websites off Webring and return in the future.

Support if you are listening take a look at the 'Travel report' Webring page, find my thumbnail and then click through
to the actual website and the problem will be obvious.

Thanks John25 on 'Travel report' Webring with website http://china-travel.dyndns.org

Replied - 11/04/2012
If you recall, we had to manually upload an image for your site. The system generated one was not good. We can manually upload a new one.

Replied - 11/04/2012
That's all good now thanks. It appears that its supposed to generate the thumbnail as part of the joining a ring but in my case it didn't do it correctly.

I will try to rejoin the other two rings and hope for the best.

Thanks again John25

Replied - 11/04/2012
The thumbnail is based on the URL, not the number if rings joined, or when you join a ring, etc. The system periodically does a new image build *unless* an override image has been uploaded (which we did for you), in which case it uses the uploaded image until it's replaced or deleted. we tried deleting it and regenerating the thumb for you site but it still dropped the top image. How is that generated on the page, and is it perhaps a really big (in bytes) image?

Replied - 11/05/2012
OK understood, the method of thumbnail generation, but not reason why you couldn't delete the original. The image on the page is 107Kbs only and is a fluid image e g width="100%" Etc so that it re-sizes down to fit the page whatever size (smartphones).

It seems the problem has been fixed now, possibly after the post I am replying to. Now it should be possible to rejoin the rings I want.

Thanks John25

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