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World Travel and Tourism

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This is the place to talk about traval and travelling. Whether you have a site in our ring or not you're welcome to be a part of our travel community!

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Beautiful China - 12/04/2012

When most people think about traveling to China they think of scenes like these:   But China is filled with amazing natural beauty.   If you get out of the city you can see some of the most incredible sites including places like these:   Wulingyuan National Park - These pinnacles played the floating mountains of Pandora in the movie Avatar.  At the park you can ride a cable car 3,500 feet above the valley floor giving your spectacular views.  Lake Tianchi (or Heaven Lake) - The lake lies within a volcanic crater in the Changbaishan Nature Reserve.  The views are amazing no matter what the season is.     Changqing National Natural Reserve - Home to China's highest concentration of giant pandas which makes it the best place to spot one of the amazing animals.          Crystalline Lakes - At Sichuan's Jiuzhaigou National Park, formed by snowmelt.  The largest lake is n...

Beautiful China

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