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World Travel and Tourism - This is a webring of sites featuring information about travel anywhere in the world. Whether you're interested in travel

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World Travel and Tourism

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This is the place to talk about traval and travelling. Whether you have a site in our ring or not you're welcome to be a part of our travel community!

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21 DECEMBER 2012 - 11/26/2012

21 DECEMBER 2012. Being written by bunpeiris Call it Armageddon , Apocalypse Now , The End of the World , The Day After , The Heart of Darkness , Mad Max Clockwork Orange Bushido  Days or even 21 December 2012 or whatever term you dare to name the ultimate natural, man-made or alien-inflicted (once upon a time in the future, they would wage war against us for our water in Antarctica, wouldn’t they?) cataclysmic transformation of the planet earth. But then to learn Mayan Hababa calendar conceived 2500 years ago, is more accurate than the Gregorian calendar gives you goose bumps. Worse still, to get to know a cycle of the Mayan calendar ends in 21 December 2012 runs a shiver down the spine. Moreover, to hear we, the lesser folks have been warned by the  extraterrestrial civilizations   in the form crop circles ( the superior folks at NASA would have been warned in proper channels), as Patty G...

21 DECEMBER 2012

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