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World Travel and Tourism - This is a webring of sites featuring information about travel anywhere in the world. Whether you're interested in travel

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World Travel and Tourism

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This is the place to talk about traval and travelling. Whether you have a site in our ring or not you're welcome to be a part of our travel community!

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Writers Vs Humanity - 11/12/2012,_Bertolt_Brecht,_10_Pf.,_1957_Mi._565.jpg

WRITERS Vs. HUMANITY I am just a chronicler. My passion is to discover and to write about it. Tom Wolfe, Time 13th February 1989 Ah, what an age it is! When to speak of trees is almost crime For it is a kind of silence against injustice Bertolt Brecht  “To Posterity” about Germany under the Nazis I am not on the side of those who make history but those who suffer history. Camilo Jose Cela, 11th December in 1989 Camilo Jose Cela won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1989 Every playwright I his heart is mother Terersa, always on the side of the individual against the institution. And every playwright must also think like a dictator, there’s no democracy on the stage Vaclav Havel , 19th November 1990, Time Can Poetry serve our fellow men? Can it find a place in man’s struggles? I had already done enough tramping over the irrational & the negative. I had to ...

Writers Vs Humanity

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