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Sports and Recreation - This webring is for all sports and recreation websites.

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Sports and Recreation

Manager: dennisl
This !tzalist ring is for all sports and recreation websites. Including sports teams, outdoors recreation, individual sporting events, sports equipment dealers, automotive sites and more. JOIN TODAY!!!

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An Ode To Cheese - 11/07/2012
  Cheese in the morning, cheese in the evening, cheese at night. Always a delight. –Captain Cat H ard cheese is one of the greatest long-lasting boat-friendly foodstuffs. This weekend th e Can Opener and I are heading out to sail on two (count them two! ) di fferent boats ( Cap'n Andr é's Baltic 35 and a new-to-us S igma 38) . So for the first sail on Saturday, w e're in charge of providing the vittels. And the First Mate's packing cheese, yes cheese! Dipped in wax or wrapped in a white vinegar rag, it lasts up to 30 days unrefrigerated*. Except that it never lasts that long near my First Mate, the Can Opener. (And it doesn't have to this time an yway as we are only off for a weekend.) Soft cheeses don't last to o long either - unless canned.  But hey, find me the person who can resist a good brie for a month and I will show you one very UNhappy dieter who really shouldn’t have been chained to the binnacle in the first p...

An Ode To Cheese

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