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Sports and Recreation - This webring is for all sports and recreation websites.

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Sports and Recreation

Manager: dennisl
This !tzalist ring is for all sports and recreation websites. Including sports teams, outdoors recreation, individual sporting events, sports equipment dealers, automotive sites and more. JOIN TODAY!!!

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Dolphins Can Stay Awake For 15 Days??? - 10/22/2012
  Dolphins can stay awake... for 15 days???   This news just in from the online UK newspaper, The Telegraph :   I n fact, dolphins may be able to stay awake for longer. Recent scientific testing in California of two smart bottlenosed dolphins, called Nay and Say, was planned for 30 days but was curtailed after 15 due to a storm. Apparently dolphins can sleep with one eye open and half of their brain - called unihemispheric sleep. This 'allows them to come to the surface every so often to breath, and remain constantly vigilant for sharks.'  ---------------- This is exactly the kind of performance I need from a First Mate. Should take about 28 days to cross the Atlantic, from the Canaries to the Caribbean. I need a First Mate who can be constantly vigilant twenty four hours a day making sure we don't get run down by a freighter or bump into a whale or a shark en route.   When solo-sailing oceans, you can normally...

Dolphins Can Stay Awake For 15 Days???

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