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Sports and Recreation - This webring is for all sports and recreation websites.

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Sports and Recreation

Manager: dennisl
This !tzalist ring is for all sports and recreation websites. Including sports teams, outdoors recreation, individual sporting events, sports equipment dealers, automotive sites and more. JOIN TODAY!!!

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Captain Cat Mounts His (Sugar-Free) Soap Box - 10/16/2012
  On Dieting An unnecessary and unnatural scourge. There is no reason in the universe for a diet! What's dieting got to do with sailing? Everything.  True, you can sail when you are overweight and out of shape. Same as you can play baseball or cricket or golf when you're out of shape.  But you sail better when you are the right weight and in good shape. You move faster and with greater agility.  Fast and agile means fewer medical issues when you might not be close to a good doctor or hospital. And it means you'll move faster when there's a challenging situation on board (storm, gale, tight manoeuvre, extreme sea state, rescue situation, etc). It's a fact. I put the Can Opener on his no sugar diet about a year and a half ago. He's lost fifteen pounds and looks great. He sleeps better. He never had to calorie count or think about what to eat while he was optimising his weight - he just followed the Golden Rule below.&...

Captain Cat Mounts His (Sugar-Free) Soap Box

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