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This is a ring for quilters around the world. Many different sites, including quilt artists, quilt shops, pattern makers and designers.

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What I Learned This Week - 09/07/2013
For a short work week, I sure learned a lot.   Here are some tidbits. Quilt Donation Organizations Need Quilts.   Well, DUH.    But the light finally went on when I was finishing off the Project Linus quilts I brought home from the last chapter meeting.   These are pretty basic quiltts, just square blocks of fun fabrics sewen in diagonal lines (each patterned fabric one line diagnonally).   That's it.   Two of them were thin enough to machine piece with a simple zig-zag pattern.    Finished quilting both quilts in less than an hour.   As compared to my friend's quilt I made for his wedding that took 11 hours to handquilt.   Here I have been planning these elaborate quilts, when what they need is QUILTS.   They need the actual item more than they need me showing off my piecing skills.    There are lots of simple patterns using strips or blocks that can still make a beautiful -- needed-- quilt.   Of course, any blocks made through donations will still be something pieced to make a pretty patterned quilt.   People Need to Be Listened To.   Got this one driven home HARD this week.   First I met with a new client.   He was just so grateful I heard his story out and didn't treat him like he was crazy for even thinking of trying to get custody of his kids.   He thanked me for just listening.    But the real lesson came at clinic on Thursday night.   It was NFL kickoff. ...

What I Learned This Week

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