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WebRing Publisher SupportNeed help with something related to using WebRing Publisher? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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Images not appearing in the Moxicode Image Screen - 03/19/2010
Hello. I have tried to load an image through Publisher (using the Insert Image icon) and there aren't any images appearing in the Moxicode Image Screen. It says that I have 3 pages of images but none are showing up either as thumbnails or text. When I go to the File Manager it says all the images are there. I am doing a new page at the moment and have checked with an established page belonging to this site and it has the same problem of no images showing yet saying I have 3 pages of images belonging to this site. Thank you.

Replied - 03/21/2010
Please disregard. It has taken two days, but they are now appearing in the Moxicode Image Screen. Thank you.

Replied - 03/21/2010
Apologies. We think this should be OK now.

Replied - 03/21/2010
The images are now appearing in the Moxicode Image Screen, but they are not loading onto the Publisher screen properly. The good ol' blank with a red cross.

Replied - 03/27/2010
We've checked your pages, and all seem to have images showing correctly. When you encountered this error, did the broken image blocks show only in the Publisher editing screen, or were the images broken on your pages too?

If the latter, it looks like the issue has been resolved. If not, then we'll look into this issue further.

Replied - 03/27/2010
You can see images on the pages that were inserted up to two weeks ago but I can't currently insert an image from the moxiecode screen onto a new page or a page that is already established. I have two problems with Publisher: putting images on the page and losing work when I press the Publish button. Both problems did not occur two weeks ago. This is a detailed description of what I have repeatedly done.

1.Login and enter password. 2.Click MY ACCOUNT. 3.Click WEBSPACE AND STORAGE tab. 4.Click the RTE icon above my list of files and this opens a fresh Publisher editing screen. 5.Type GOGOOLOGY in the CREATE field at the top. 6.Click SAVE SETTINGS button. GOGOOLOGY now appears in my file manager as its own URL. 7. Click the RTE icon next to the GOGOOLOGY.html file to open and edit in Publisher. 8.I insert and format 3 tables. 9.Click PUBLISH button. (OK and saved to this stage). 10.Click inside table 1. Select INSERT IMAGE icon. Select image I want from the Moxicode screen clicking on INSERT from the drop down box. The moxicode screen closes to the Publisher editing screen. The image is missing and the missing image box appears with the red cross in it. No hope so I delete it (the red cross thing) and move on to inserting text into Table 2. 11. I copy text (not code) from my Frontpage program and paste it onto the Publisher editng screen. I allow access when prompted. I copy and paste 7 times and click the PUBLISH button. (It's OK and saved to this stage). 12. Copy and paste 6 more times from Frontpage to Publisher editing screen. 13. Click the PUBLISH button and all my work has gone! - Tables and text. The Publisher editing page returns with the message to insert an image in the square box and next to it that I should 'write a brief description about my page topic. I had used the method of copying and pasting from Frontpage to Publisher two weeks ago and it had worked fine. An example is my SKA page. Hope you can help with my frustration. Thank you.

Replied - 03/29/2010
Thanks so much for your exceptionally detailed list of actions. We've passed this information on to the techs and they'll be looking into the issue soon. Watch for an update here soon.

Replied - 03/29/2010
OK, looks like it should be working correctly now. We recently performed a server upgrade to allow for growth and that seems to have caused an issue ni creating the propler URL. See if things are better now.

Replied - 03/31/2010
No, I've lost all of my work again at the same stage I got to last time, as previsously described. The images are now loading successfully but I'm still losing all my work (an hour and a quarters worth) again when I press the PUBLISH button. The same message appears (which I've left on screen) telling me to start designing my page. It's as if I hadn't worked on the page at all. :-(

Replied - 03/31/2010
OK this has been escalated to top prority. We have yet to be able to cause this behavior to happen, but we believe you. We're going to both try to recreate (because if we do then we *know* the cause) and simultaneously see if we can avoid it even if we don't know what's causing it (harder, but we're on it).

Replied - 04/04/2010
Thank you for looking into my disappearing work. Is it possible that there is a limit to the length that a page can be? This particular page (Go-Go-Ology) is quite lengthy and is the longest page I have attached to my site. (However, this doesn't make sense as the length of the page I am trying to rebuild is the same length as the one that completely disappeared). I tried pasting one block of text and publishing it and it worked. I then deleted it and pasted a different block of text and published it and it worked then deleted that and pasted a different piece of text and so forth. It seems when I start joining all the text (that is the page grows longer) that it wants to disappear and that's what makes me think there may be a page length limit. The only alternative is to have several short pages under the same topic, which I don't really want to do. I appreciate your efforts. Regards.

Replied - 04/04/2010
interesting possible clue. We'lll take that up first thing next week. thanks for the patience!

Replied - 05/15/2010
Hello. Just wondering if your investigations have provided any possible clues to my problem. If not I'll attempt to build the page again. If that doesn't work I'll try building multiple smaller ones. Thank you.

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