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WebRing Publisher SupportNeed help with something related to using WebRing Publisher? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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Updated pages are not being published to my website - 09/25/2012
altonbcc. I update my site most months but pages that I uploaded 3 days ago onto my webspace are not updating my website. Can you please help me.

Replied - 09/26/2012
Can you identify a a file and/or paeg that you have been working on? Perhaps try again just before you post back.

How do you do the update? Do you upload a file, or do you edit one that's already in place?

Replied - 09/26/2012
The pages I have updated are 'newsmenu' and 'menu' plus have added a new page SEPT2012. I use Trellian to update my pages and then use the webring upload facility. The amended and new pages all appear to have uploaded okay to webspace. I have been using this method of updating for a long time.

Replied - 09/26/2012
OK, glad they updated correctly. If you start a session and then do not update for a "long" time (we need to check with a programmer but think the time is an hour) then update it may block the updates - a security measue to avoid potential hacking. If you exit and reenter the CMS area and try again it should work. If not, let us know and we'll dig deeper for you

Replied - 09/26/2012
Yes they are in the CMS webspace area okay but the pages have still not gone live onto my website.

Replied - 09/26/2012
we're going to guess that your browser is caching the older versions. try ctrl-f5 to force a refresh.

We see:


just fine and got to it from the menus you described

Replied - 09/27/2012
That is brilliant. All working fine now after Ctl F5.
Many thanks

Replied - 12/14/2012
My updated web site pages are not showing the changes when I load the site? I have cleared the cache and tried different browsers and not showing the changes.

Replied - 12/16/2012
Can you be specific and identify a page and what you are changing? What editor are you using, or are you uploading a file?

Replied - 12/20/2012
The page is: Serro_Scotty_Vintage_Campers.html
The URL is: http://vintage_campers1.webring.com/

I edit my page in Netscape Composer and cut and past into (editing my page from personal storage and webspace). I am a premium member and have done it this way always. This is the first time i had any problem. I tried again today and got this:

Missing SSNB Code
Thanks for clicking. The WebRing navigation code you see is the default code until the site is submitted to a ring. This is almost certainly OK. The information on file is as follows:

WebRing User ID: vintage_campers1
U#: index
URL: http://vintage_campers1.webring.com/

This page appears to be yours since the WebRing User IDs match. But the U# doesn't seem valid. Good news however! This U#: defurl1, does match. You can do one of two things:

Edit your page to reflect the correct U# (look in your SSNB code for the u=index string and change it to u=defurl1
Or, we can change the WebRing database to change defurl1 to index. Warning: If we replace defurl1 to index and you have OTHER SSNB code on other page(s) that use defurl1 then that code will stop working.
If you would like us to change defurl1 to index click here.

??????????????????? HELP PLEASE ??????????????????

Replied - 12/21/2012
The page you are editing is index.html
However, you also have an index.htm and since these are BOTH default pages that servers render when no specific page is given, so when you go to:
it displays index.htm
You can either:
1. delete index.html
2. save what you have in index.html in index.htm
3. change the registered URL to explicitly show index.html by changing it to:

lastly, there IS code on that page. However, the U# of the code on the page is
The U# of the registered URL is
The simplest thing is probably to change it in your My Account area to match what is o the page (index).

We have tentatively made that change as well as making the registered URL point to index.html However, you're welcome to revise as you see fit.

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