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Manager: support
WebRing Publisher SupportNeed help with something related to using WebRing Publisher? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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Can't change pages without them disappearing - 08/27/2010
I can't edit certain pages without the system eating them up. I am seriously thinking of changing providers over this.

Replied - 09/05/2010
If you're still have an issue please post more information. what page, specifically, are you changing and what are you changing (i.e., adding a picture or text or soemthing else) and are you able to make the change and see it in the editor? If so, then it gets lost when you you click the publish? does it get lost from teh editor as well, or only the page when you try to load it? Do you get any kind of error message or does anything unusual happen? anything else that might provide some context

Replied - 09/07/2010
we posted a reply to this and it seems to haev been lost.
what pages? and what happens exactly? "eating them up" is certainly colorful but not very helpful to us. at what point are they eaten? does the original page disappear, or jsut eh changes? do you get any error message? does it happen when you press publish? does it happen to botht he page and the edit screen? what is it you are adding/taking away from the page?

Replied - 09/16/2010
When I click the Publish button after any change in my pages index.html or faq.html (there may be others, but I'm scared to try it), all the code, all the text, all the pictures, etc., disappear, only to be replaced by a box that can be resized by dragging one of eight squares on its perimeter. In this box, there is a smaller box on the left, drawn in dashed lines, and inside that smaller box, there are the words, "Click here to add image." To the right of that smaller box is the following text:

"Here's where you can write a brief description about your page's topic. You could create a page about anything, and there's likely a ring out there for it. Think of this as your way to share a little info with the world.

You can change the image to the left. Don't want an image there? Click on it then hit delete.

You can add as much text, and as many other images as you want!"

Basically, it's as if that particular page never existed. To get it back to the way it was, I have to delete that page and upload it from my computer.

I would like some help with this, as I would like to make some updates for the benefit of my readers.

Replied - 06/06/2012
I have the same Problem! And I still, even after a over a year, don't know why! I would like an answer to that too, because at the moment I'm just coping the page I want to change and paste it in a whole new page, making it new!
As far as I know, there is no other way at the moment, at last, there is nothing under FAQ...
It is rather dissapointing...

Replied - 06/06/2012
can you maybe take a screenshot of it? And send that along with info about which page you're editing, what browser you're using and anything else you can think of that might be helpful to membership at webrig dot com and we'll see if we can replicate the problem.

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