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WebRing Publisher SupportNeed help with something related to using WebRing Publisher? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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Navigation Code - 12/31/2009
Navigation Code Wizard
The Navigation Code Wizard is designed to actively and intelligently assist you in getting your WebRing navigation code properly installed on your web site.
Your site information:
WebRing User ID: dfbrenner
Ring: cb
Site: 135
U#: first
Registered URL: http://shout.webring.com/people/od/dfbrenner/first.shtml
URL tested: http://shout.webring.com/people/od/dfbrenner/first.shtml

I clicked to double check that it had passed and it had test so I clicked it and it stayed the same.

When it comes to this point in any web page Site I have tried my brain goes stupid!!!! I really want this one to work.

thank you

Replied - 12/31/2009
The publisher system ADDS the code for you. In you editing you have managed to replicate it 7 times. more than enough for it to pass, which it seems to just fine.

For some reason you seem to keep replicating and inserting what you want to say within javascript tags. We'd be curious the steps you're following in doing this. Perhaps you're cliking at the very bottom of the page to insert text? If so, try just clicking the cursor to the end of you lowest visible text, click return to go to a new line and insert there.

Another alternative would be to click the HTML button to see your page in HTMl form and insert much like you would in a word processor or notepad, etc. then click save or update when you're done.

Replied - 12/31/2009
We fixed up the page a bit. If you have more to paste in, try to do it above the horizontal line at the bottom and you should be OK. Your previous pastes were also going in as HTMl comments for some reason. The paster had - - and - - in them

Replied - 01/01/2010
As I said I am not to bright when it comes to this part. Thank you both for straightening me out. Now I want to change the template but can't figure out hhow to even find the template page - I found it once and have no idea on how I even got there.

I did hit the save change button at the bottom of the text page. I want to start adding pictures, my dad saved some very interesting things! I guess that's a seabee for ya!

Thankm you for your help

Replied - 01/05/2010
It sounds like you would like to edit the content of your page, not really the template. Is this correct?

If so, go to the URLs tab of your My Account page. You should find the publisher icon beside the URL of the page you created. Click the icon and your page should open so that you can start adding pictures.

Replied - 01/21/2010
We'll go all the way back to the first post....
We *know* this seems complicated but we keep trying to say it isn't in the hopes that you'll believe us :)

The navigation code has two "parts" to it.
1. Your user id. people seem to get that
2. an identifier that relates 1 to 1 with the registered URL. for some reason people don't. It's just a *name* for he URL because you can't (easily) use the URL as a "part"

If either doesn't match then it will fail - always - when tested. If they match AND the code is actually placed on the URL that was registered tehn it will pass. Almost 100% of the time. There are oddiities with certain editors and host companies, but really those are rare - and we're ahppy to work around them. But pretty much all of the time it works as advertised. Hundreds of companies rely on the same concept.

OK, so one of the three things was wrong. The code was on the right URL and the user id part was right, but....

the identifier for the URL, the U# part, as wrong. The identifer on the regitered URL was "first". the name on file on WebRing was "ok".

We do not, as a rule, like to edit people's pages - even on webspace - but there was no need. We changed the name of the URL on WebRing to "first"

Now the site PASSes when tested.

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