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A FORUM about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and related projects.

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PPMScope 2.17 Pre-Release - 06/27/2013

I've been working on changes since October after a brief break from the 2.16 release. I have decided to do a pre-release of the PPMScope software, since development is going so slow. The slower development is mostly due to constraints on my schedule - Evan is 13 months old and Samantha is due with our third child in October. So, the Weaver house is a bushel of activity. Still, there are some great aspects of the 2.17 pre-release and some important bug fixes. They are: 1. Added support for features in Paul Messer's DSOScope Rev 3 implementation. These include: (a) Pretrigger in XY sampling mode (chop sampling) available at around 500 uS per division (b) An interrupt driven sampling mode also available at around 500 uS per division capable of drawing the channel as it is captured (c) Extended the range of the low end sample rates available by a couple of orders of magnitude (d) Integration of attenuation and trigger source switch statuses into the software panel My thanks to Paul for his addition of features, interest in the PPMScope project, and encouragement in development. 2. Improvements to the protection circuitry on the analog front-end improve protection and the analog bandwidth. In October, a user pointed out that the oscilloscope was bandwidth limited. The bandwidth limit was around 1 MHz. However, you could see the bandwidth limitation readily with a lower frequency square wave when the square wave is sampled at 5 MHz time equivalent sampling mode. The changes are si...

PPMScope 2.17 Pre-Release

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