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A FORUM about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and related projects.

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Mother's Day and Hannah - 05/17/2013
"Sir," Hannah said, "a few years ago I stood here beside you and asked the Lord to give me a child. Here he is! The Lord gave me just what I asked for. Now I am giving him to the Lord, and he will be the Lord�s servant for as long as he lives." 1 Samuel 1:26-28 I couldn't imagine having trouble having a child much less giving up my first child because of a promise to God. Hannah was in a dark place because she couldn't conceiver and then she does the inconceivable! When she has Samuel, after she has weaned him, she returns to the alter and gives her child to the priest. All because of her prayer, where she promised God the child would be His. We have the benefit of knowing that God would use Samuel greatly in the nation of Israel. But Hannah doesn't know that. She simply trusts God and moves in Faith. Here are some questions I asked myself as I reflected on Hannah: (1) When times are tough who do I turn to? Hannah turned to God in prayer. (2) Why was Hannah's prayer answered? What made her prayer powerful? Perhaps it was her sincerity. Perhaps, she knew God could be trusted. (3) Can I even imagine how difficult it was for Hannah to give Samuel to the Lord? No, I honestly think I would have chickened out. I would have reasoned that God needed me to raise my children. I wouldn't have trusted him with them. (4) How can I give my children back to the Lord? This is a tough one for me. Do I honestly believe that God can raise them better than I can? I have to admit that I have t...

Mother's Day and Hannah

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