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Let's talk Paper Models! Ask your questions, Provide useful information and above all Have Some Fun! (And perhaps learn a thing or two...)

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Trip - 04/20/2013
Well, I've returned from my Space Shuttle Trip to Florida. I'd like to say it was spectacular, but we didn't have the best viewing location. I was only able to shoot a few of photos. None of them were very good. But, here are couple anyway. We were on a boat in Port Canaveral in 4 foot swells about 7 miles NNE of Launch Pad 39A. There are many great sites for quality video and pictures on the net. I'm going to include a few links to sites I've found since my return. There are some fabulous images here; many more can easily be found. Post some of you favorites in the comments. I'd love to see what you come up with. Video: 360 Degree Video of Shuttle Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) Pictures: 360 Degree View of Atlantis Flight Deck Jeffery Ross Photography The Last Shuttle My last post included a site that specialized in Shuttle Models from every flight over the last 30 years. I'm planning to do a build in the near future to commemorate STS-135. I'll keep you updated.  At least I can say that I saw the final space shuttle launch. Congratulations to the crew and all of NASA on a safe and productive journey, and for a successful end to the shuttle era. On to the future!

Space Shuttle Atlantis Trip

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