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The Objectivism WebRing - A major principle of qualitative research and tenet of the posivitist model, which sugests that knowledge relies on obse

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The Objectivism WebRing

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Sites of disparate individuals, scholars, organizations, and publications united in their commitment to the three cardinal values of the Objectivist philosophy; 1.) reason, 2.) purpose, 3.) self-esteem and their three corresponding virtues; rationality, productiveness, and pride.

"We gain knowledge about the world in the same way that scientists do. We observe the world, and form conclusions about what we see. We make predictions based on our conclusions, and we check to make sure they're right. If we find that the ideas don't work, we try to figure out why and correct them. All of this is based on an understanding that the world works by cause and effect, and that we can learn why the causes lead to those effects." -- Objectivism 101


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