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Ring Manager SupportNeed help with something related to the management of your WebRing Community? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. *NOTE: Remember to include you ring's ID! Coming soon...
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No new submissions appear to manage - 02/08/2012
Just to re-iterate. I have logged on *immediately* I have received an email notification of a pending member submission,
not hours after or 24 hours after etc, *immediately*! :)

On clicking on Manage new Submissions, and logging in, the
Web site Submissions queue is empty and reports:

There are currently no new submissions

But, if I go to WRMail Messages there is a copy of the email sent:

BRAND NEW MEMBER submission to "Band-In-A-Box Users"

Something is wrong.

Replied - 02/08/2012
Nothing is wrong. If we see a new submission is inappropriate for a ring we move it to another ring. people apply to the biab ring with sites with no biab, or even music for that matter, content. So we move them to where they should be.

You've written about this before and we have given you pretty much the same answer previously.

Replied - 03/27/2012
Well we personally know users who have signed up, with legitimate sites. We were notified that there was a brand new member submission, but when we check there is just the email saying there was a brand new submission and no site submission to administer.

There is no record to show the site was *immediately* deleted by system administration.

Conclusion: Something is still broken.

Replied - 03/27/2012
Unlikely, but possible. Can you provide one or two of these submission emails that yielded no site? With some evidence in hand we can do some research. Hard to without any.

Replied - 03/27/2012
followup based on log files from our servers:
12/11/2011 submission by nh22 dog site moved to a dog ring
12/15/2011 submission by anilergeldi facebook page removed because facebook pages cannot be edited for code.
12/17/2011 submission by felix17 a music site but not biab moved to another ring.
12/23/2011 submission by timtysonshort a movie site moved to another ring
12/28/2011 submission by nh22 (again) with a dog site
12/28/2011 submission by mitcheljonmusic http://www.mitcheljonmusic.com not biab related moved to another ring
1/31/2012 submission by gary1 bigpineapplemusic.com site id is 54 and is in the ring suspended for lack of code
2/3/2012 submission by deanwork deanimaging.com was moved to a digital imaging ring as the site was unrelated to music of any kind.
3/1/2012 submission by arweb an email address as the URL. deleted next day
3/19/2012 submission by halonma of nonexistant URL. deleted later that day. URL still does not exist (webspace website)

Replied - 03/29/2012
you said
"We will also process new submissions after 12-24 hours if they have not been handled by the manager"

I see! You don't beleive in "Time Zones" or "Weekends Off?"
I have rings, and we meet "No new submissions appear, to manage."
The site appears half a day later as the "message" sometimes, and dis-appears half a day after I have processed them...
Obviously the "fault" of two computers updating once a day...

I quote from my wife who runs rings also...
The Japanese member registers a site,
The registration arrives in Germany too late (19:00 gmt+2) and has to wait until the next day.
The next day is "Exhibition Day" and we can't get to our computer until late, (21:00 gmt+2)....
and we will have to look in the "manage" column and not in the mail to find it!

Replied - 03/29/2012
And is that bad? Think of the user in Japan who submits a site and then as a result of the scenario you suggest waits for 2 days to hear anything. By then many people will give up on WebRing completely.

The site isn't GONE (unless it was not suited to teh ring anyway), it's simply in another place.

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