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Ring Manager SupportNeed help with something related to the management of your WebRing Community? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. *NOTE: Remember to include you ring's ID! Coming soon...
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Non-member approving their own site - 11/08/2010
How do I get rid of ring collector 'glimpsesofgod'? Each month she applies to my ring 'Faithful of Canada Christian WebRing', then immediately she approves her own site. Because her site has nothing to do with Canada I then remove it.

I believe she can approve herself because she was once a member and the system doesn't recognize that she is no longer a member. The system approved her becoming a member when the ring had no manager but her site has never been appropriate for the ring.

Replied - 11/08/2010
I am not making any comment on the main part of your query but the description of your ring and the joining instructions say sites need to be "Canadian".
I believe glimpsesofgod is Canadian.
Have you asked if the site has something to do with Canada, or just not seen a Canadian location mentioned?
It may be worth adjusting your description to clarify your requirements.

Replied - 11/08/2010
You can block the id. FWIW, the ids
glimpsesofgod and inspirations1 are the same person and while the same person has approved their own site - which we will discuss with them - it was not the asme id approving it's own site. they alternated.

Replied - 11/12/2010
Hmm.. I am thinking that there may be a bug??

I have a person that submitted their site. I did NOT approve. They did NOT have the webring code on their site. YET within a few days their site was listed as an active member in my ring. I do not have automatic approve set- in fact I have it listed that it would not approve 'automatically' until 30 days.

I have since deleted this person from my ring. Not happy.

Replied - 11/12/2010
They did not automatically approve their own site. It was done by a staff in all likelihood. We are making an effort to ensure that first time member submissions are handled within 24-48 hours maximum.

Your management settings are, quite frankly, wrong. You do not have it set to suspend members with failing code. why is that?

The normal course of action with new members is to approve based on CONTENT, not code. You use the suspended/active mechanism to enforce code issues, not deletion. Why delete a site that has relevant content, EVER? Simply keep them suspended if they don't have proper code. If you delete them they are gone forever. If you suspend them then if they do install the code you can make them active.

Replied - 11/13/2010
First off there is no staff, just me. I definitely did not approve that site.

So when you say: "We are making an effort to ensure that first time member submissions are handled within 24-48 hours maximum. Your management settings are, quite frankly, wrong." are you telling me that Webring will now override my settings if I do not approve or deny within 24-48 hours? Then why have these settings??!!
When someone joins my ring I give them a long timeframe in which to put up the code, provide help in doing so if needed and hold their site if they are having issues getting their code to work.

To me, approving a site then suspending it right away is a gateway for miscommunications. The new member will get (at minimum) two emails saying in one that they are approved then in the other they are suspended. I deal with folks from all over the world and the least complicated I can make it for someone, esp. if English is not their first language, the better.

Unless there is an issue with a specific person/site, when I do suspend an existing member they also have a timeframe. They only get deleted when they make no replies to my emails (once I've suspended someone), make no changes to their site and/or their URL is no longer valid. All this over at least 2 weeks. Usually folks in my ring get deleted for two reasons. 1) Their URL is no longer existing. 2) They've updated their website and removed links/rings altogether (these are the ones that usually don't reply). The other bracket of folks that get suspended usually are communicative and get reactivated within 1-3 days of the initial suspension. This method, to me, is doing it correctly and much more efficiently.

Replied - 11/13/2010
I am by no means sitting on new members.. Quite the opposite, I am a very active manager! I regularly review my member websites and coding as well for 'hacked' links and such (you know the ones that the system shows valid yet when visiting their site there is no webring listed- its some hack of the javascript). In fact a lot of times I get false results.. for instance it will show a site as fail, then I go to review it- thoroughly- and I check again, and wouldn't you know the system no longer listed it as fail. I review my webring usually on a daily basis. This issue is not the first time I've had system issues/errors with webring.. I've been a ring manager for a looonng time... but it certainly is the most concerning!

To me this is a bug in the system or Webring has not notified their ring managers that the new member settings have been altered (meaning they will automatically override a managers settings to approve someone if its yet to be given a selection of approve or deny w/in 48 hours).

Replied - 11/13/2010
No, they get one. check the current default for approval and suspension. Been that way for 4, maybe 5 years

Replied - 11/13/2010
active and active enough for the modern world are two different things. We don't *expect* managers to be on call 24/7 so we provide for members to approve, staff to approve, etc. Then the manager can come in at a reasonable time and make a final decision. Approval based on content is generally not hard, with active/suspended based on the users ability to get code on the page after that being in their control

Replied - 11/14/2010
Your responses make no sense... .

Replied - 11/14/2010
and yours addresses nothing specific so it's pointless. please elaborate. what response make no sense and in what regard?

Replied - 11/14/2010
In general it only makes sense to delete or deny a site based on content, NOT presence or absence of code. It's content, content, content.
If content is good approve or leave in. if not, deny or remove
After that, if code is good make active. if not, suspend.

It's a pretty simple method and ensures that all active sites have both working code and are topically relevant. all the rest are in the suspended state if they are topically relevant but something is wrong with code (not there, wrong page, etc), and no site remains pending once some person - manager, member, helper, staff - has had a look at it. In the end manager gets to make the final determination as always.

Replied - 11/15/2010
All I know is the content of THIS forum post has gone to a debate on what YOU/I feel is the "RIGHT" way of managing a site rather than the issue. I am ACTIVE with this webring. I am very efficient. I disagree with your way. End of story.


Replied - 11/15/2010
why are you posting as a guest instead of from your account?
Someone complained that a "member had approved their own site" and we explained that that was not the case and why we have enlisted others to help approve sites, and why.

Replied - 11/15/2010
fionaurora, we announced the policy of allowing members to approve submissions to rings, as well as having super helpers who can aapprove members in most rings years ago in newsletters.

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