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Ring Manager SupportNeed help with something related to the management of your WebRing Community? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. *NOTE: Remember to include you ring's ID! Coming soon...
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Website appearing incorrectly in display. - 07/15/2010
One of the sites in my rings, both "SCA Merchants Row" and "Heraldry" is not appearing correctly in the preview pages or in the web hub view. The site is http://www.cafepress.com/conalscorner"

The only thing that shows for the site is the very top menu bar that cafepress inserts via javascript. The remainder of the site is missing.

Replied - 07/15/2010
Hello Conal,
You will find that quite a few of the sites in your rings do not display properly in the new preview system. It is to do with the way the pages are assembled, the system takes a snapshot of the first part of the page rather than taking a snapshot of the final product as we as humans would see it in a browser.
It does not affect actually visiting each site, just the way sites appear in the thumbnails.
It is happening with a lot of sites in probably all rings, so it is something the WebRing techs will be working hard to fix.

Replied - 07/22/2010
You will find that quite a few of the sites
in your rings do not display properly in the
new preview system. It is to do with...

I understand that it is endemic to the entire webring community, and that it has to do with the way that the webring software is capturing the page images.

My point of contension, which I hope is shared by others, is that first imprssions matter. I've spent quite a bit of time and effort to make my landing page appealing. You have only a few seconds to capture a viewers attention.

The "new" system is is a detrement to the future of webring. If the preview shows what appears to be a poorly designed page, The cisitor is unlikely to click on it. Why visit a site that shows a blank page, or a broken image symbol?

It is my opinion that this is something that the webring designers and programmers need to address immediately. It's not worth it to me to spend my time, effort and money on an advertizing medium that costs me impressions and click throughs because it gives users an inacurate preview of my landing page.

Take a look at my preview on the SCA Merchant's Row Ring, and then at my site itself. Tell me if you would have gone there based on the preview.

Conal Mac Nachtan

Replied - 07/22/2010
We are working on displays. What's lacking here is a specific example on the WebRing site where we can all go look to see what you're describing.

The preview images, after working with a number of users, has been deemed better than the iframe version because too high a percentage have popups, are links pages, break the iframe, etc.

The image, even if not a perfect rendering of the website gives the user, along with the title and description of the site an very easy way of decing IF they want to continue on to the site.

The fact is, first impressions ARE important, the most important one is the one generally ignored: Title and description. That will go MOST of the way in determning whether a user might be interested in the site.

But, by all means please post a ring URL and indicate the site to look at and we can all discuss it from a common frame of reference.

Replied - 07/22/2010
Conal did give us a ring to look at
Site ID 7 - The featured site in that ring
An almost blank thumbnail

Replied - 07/28/2010
As noooool said on 07/22/2010

The Webring is http://www.webring.org/hub?ring=merchantsrow and the site id is 7.

The featured site in that ring is an almost blank thumbnail

Replied - 08/13/2010
Hello? Bueller?

It's been 16 days since I posted the info you requested. Since then, no contact, and no _apparent_ activity on the issue.

I realize you guys are busy... But a simple "Thanks for the webring info, we'll look at it." would go a long way towards making me think those of us having this problem are not being ignored.

Replied - 08/13/2010
apologies for the delay. We Do get sidetracked on things. We just now processed your site again and no luck. This is with 3 different thumbnail grabbing engines....

It may be something in the way cafepress generates pages. If there is any syntax issues most thumbnail grabbers will fail.

Premium members have the option of uploading their own thumbnails. Apart from the other benefits of premium membership (one of which is your sites elevate abive free member sites in rings, so you don't have to feature in your own rings), as a manager you might consider becoming premium.

Then you can make a thumbnail image and upload it from your URLs page.

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