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Knitting Ring - Open to quality sites devoted to hand knitting, wools and yarns, and related crafts.

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Open to quality sites devoted to hand knitting, wools and yarns, and related crafts.


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UFO: Advent Garland - 01/04/2013

I started making an Advent Garland for a Ravelry knit-a-long. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, But Patwoman, you failed miserably at completing just two knitted Christmas gifts this year. To which I reply: Yes, but those two gifts were afghans. No small task. And you're thinking, Yes, but you did have all year, didn't you? I did. But I also made a major career move, moved and enlarged our store, and opened a restaurant, among the other things that demanded my time. So you come back with, Sure. Life happens for all of us. And no one is blaming you for not finishing two gifts. I'm just saying, shouldn't you be finishing those two before starting something new? Well, I agree that you do make a valid point there. But I'm a little burned out on afghan knitting right now. I want to do something that I can finish quickly. I want something in the win category for 2013. But , you say, isn't that what you did January 1 with the String of Beads necklace? And that's where I have to draw the line and tell you that now you are just being rude. So here is the close to finished Advent Garland. It needs a few more inches knitted and the buttons to hang the ornaments on. And it needs ornaments, of course. But those will come when I nee...

UFO: Advent Garland

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