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International Meditation Directory - The International Meditation Directory is a collection of the finest sites on the net that promote and support the pract

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International Meditation Directory

Manager: theodora_maffat
The International Meditation Directory is a collection of the finest sites on the net that promote and support the practice of Meditation.

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Bharatanatyam - 12/25/2012
Krishnarpanam - Bala Devi Chandrashekar - Bharatanatyam - Krishnarpanam - A Margam: Glorifying the life message and divine beauty of Lord Krishna. Bala Devi Chandrashekar is a much sought after artist, who infuses her skillful and scholarly style with impeccable technique and grammar. Bala Devi's renditions showcase her intense research, rich creativity and wholistic vision, successfully engaging a diverse audience worldwide. ** The various pieces in this Margam: Celebrate the myriad facets of the avataar that is Krishna. Whether it be as a divine baby, a naughty child, a spirited lad, a stealer of hearts, as a saviour, a warrior and his ultimate manifestation in the form of the Viswaroopam. ** Language: Tamil * Duration:1 Hour 35 Mins.


Replied - 12/25/2012
Swarna Kannan - Swarna Kannan - The Golden One - By Anita and Pritha Ratnam ** "Swarna Kannan - The Golden One" is a tribute to the memory of Smt. Ambujam Krishna in her centenary year, by her grand-nieces, Anita and Pritha Ratnam. Smt. Ambujam Krishna was an accomplished musician who had authored hundreds of songs in adoration of her - Krishna. Laden with madhura bhakti, her compositions have found their way into the repertoire of classical dancers around the world. With lyrical beauty that brings to life the multihued aspects of Krishna; the mischievous prankster, the divine cowherd, the valiant warrior who overthrew the tyranny of Kamsa, the one who stole the hearts of the gopis of Vrindavan and the divine incarnate who preached the Bhagavad Gita, these songs are replete with bhakti bhava and symbolize a deep yearning of the human soul seeking to merge with The Lord. Swarna Kannan - The Golden One brings together several beautiful compositions of Sm...


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