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The History Ring - This ring celebrates History, historical events, figures and fields. This Ring is designed to be seen by all ages. You m

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The History Ring

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Manager: thehistoryring
This ring celebrates History, historical events, figures and fields. This Ring is designed to be seen by all ages. You must have detailed historical information, or links to sites which do, on your website in order to join the Ring. "Commercial" sites are not encouraged, and must have a considerable amount of detailed information on their site to qualify for membership. The address you list on your application MUST be the page where you will place the Ring's HTML code.


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Monday Hair - 08/21/2013
Lina Cavalieri's Strategy , circa 1914.... IT is Monday, and I note that my hair does not respond readily to the brush; that it lies lifeless under my fingers; that instead of being a live, bushy, glowing mass, it has diminished to a wisp scarcely larger than my two fingers. It is as though some witch in a rage had plucked it, hair by hair, from my head as I slept. But that has happened too often to give me alarm. Once I wept over it. I thought that I was to become as the shiny-headed men that sit in the first rows of the opera and stare and stare. But that was long ago. Now I know when my hair shows these symptoms that it is dead, but only temporarily, and that with care I can resurrect it, make it live again. With this lifeless condition of the hair I have always found two corresponding conditions of the scalp. The scalp is hot and dry. Also, the brushing reveals dandruff — light, fine and profuse. It is a condition that must be corrected. First remove the dandruff. Hair cannot thrive when that fine, light powder lies upon the scalp, obstructing its pores. To rid one's self of it the hair must be washed, not once but often. I resolve upon washing it every day for a week. I choose the time when I have had my bath. In the water I have dissolved half a cake of the best soap I can get. If upon analysis it is proven to be made of spermaceti all the better. I always have a new soap analyzed, as I do a new cold cream. I part my hair, and, dipping a small brush the size of an or...

Monday Hair

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