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Harmonica WebRing - The Harmonica WebRing is dedicated to promoting the instrument and its' players. Whether you're a beginner or pro, or ju

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Manager: noooool
This ring is is for those that enjoy playing and listening to all kinds of harmonica music. This ring is for those who play and enjoy Blues, Country, Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass and other types of Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica.

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Leno Landini - Music Composer & Harmonica Player - 07/06/2009

Leno Landini plays the harmonicas with electric effects - he is very unique & incredibile on how he plays them. Listen to his new CD "Howling Spirit", it has a lot of amazing unusual harmonica melodies (especially because it was done with diatonic harmonicas) with a touch of a Native American Indian music. “Howling Spirit” is a compilation of 10 tracks of instrumental music, which carries your soul and mind into nature and makes you travel. He doesn’t need to put words to his music because his music speaks out for itself

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