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D is for Death and Burial - 04/04/2013,_Susan_Grant,_Elma_Chamberlain,_Walter_Chamberlain_-_pic_2.jpg

As genealogists we are encouraged to "kill off" our ancestors. This does not mean murdering Grandma but ensuring that you get a death date for each of your deceased family. This is important if only to save you wasting your time searching for life events which never occurred.  Most importantly, it helps you be sure that the person you have found is who you seek. For example the Arthur Gabriel Jacobson you thought to be your 3x great-grandfather cannot be, if he died aged 12 of pneumonia. There is also a good chance that a death certificate may throw up a piece of information you did not have such as a daughter's married name, another relative you were not aware of, a different occupation or an interesting address. Most beginning genealogists quickly learn about searching for death certificates in the civil registration indexes as primary sources of death information but what if you cannot find a certificate? Having found a death date many of our forebears we will also have a probated will, which can be found on many of the subscription websites. As well as certificates and wills there is an ever-increasing amount of free information becoming available on-line to lead you to the burial location, burial record and sometimes even a picture of a headstone. Shown below are just some of the records available on-line. Deceased Online Deceased Online was the first central database of statutory burial and cremation registers for the UK, having started in 2008. Before it...

D is for Death and Burial

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