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B is for Beneden Sanatorium - 04/02/2013

Mary Sheila Doheny 1920 -1948 Tuberculosis and Benenden Sanatorium Mary Sheila Doheny was my Aunt and she died on the 26th July 1948 at the National Sanatorium, Benenden in Kent of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Whilst I may blog further about tuberculosis in my A to Z challenge I am dedicating this entry to a brief history of the Sanatorium. Benenden Hospital, as it is now called, began life as a completely different organisation. It was founded in 1906 as the ‘National Sanatorium for Workers Suffering from Tuberculosis’ to treat tuberculosis in postal workers. The Post Office & Civil Service Sanatorium Society was established in 1905 by Charles H Garland, a post office telegraphist. The aim of the society was to tackle Tuberculosis, which at the time accounted for about half of all deaths in the post office. It was often contracted when workers handled contaminated post sacks. These sacks were thought to become contaminated when they were dragged along train station platforms where passengers infected with tuberculosis had spat. A circular distributed to all post office workers in 1904 revealed that 30,000 workers would be willing to join the Society. Charles Garland and his colleagues had realised that Tuberculosis was treatable, and calculated that the construction of a sanatorium designed to treat 120 post office workers per year, would require an initial outlay of £8,000 and a yearly income of £2,600. He realised that if 30,000 workers ...

B is for Beneden Sanatorium

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