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The Legend of David Livingstone Pt. I - 03/16/2013

As a child of about seven or eight and long before I became interested in family history my father told me a story concerning the famous 19th century explorer and missionary, Dr David Livingstone. He informed me that a cousin from another branch of our family had been investigating their ancestry because they wanted to prove that they they were descended from Dr David Livingstone. I was told that they were doing this because there was a huge unclaimed Livingstone estate which if only they could prove descent would be theirs. However the “cousins” had terminated their research early on learning that the unclaimed estate did not come down to their branch of the family but ours! Sadly my grandfather could not afford the cost of the necessary research in Scotland and Africa and therefore we were unable to claim our fortune. At this point in time I was completely unaware of the Hume branch of the family from Scotland and too young to question why we might be related to a Scottish missionary. However I did read a book about “The Great Europeans” which had a chapter on Dr David Livingstone and drew an image of this heroic explorer who spread Christianity, freed slaves and opened up the African continent for Europeans whilst taking great personal risks with disease and the local peoples. So who was Dr David Livingstone? Dr David Livingstone taken in his sisters' house in Hamilton in 1864 aged approximately 51 (Photographer Thomas Annan) David Livingstone was born in Blantyre...

The Legend of David Livingstone Pt. I

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