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Archibald Hume [1796 - 1857], Letter to his sister 1839 Pt. 1 - 11/24/2012
On the 21st January this year I received an email from Ian Hume. This was about a letter from Archibald Hume to his sister Katherine Moffat nee Hume . Ian is my “half 4th cousin once removed”. He had obtained the letter from Watson Glen Robb who is his “4th cousin” and my “half 4th cousin once removed”. Before discussing the letter I thought it would be interesting to look at the way in which distant relations are described as I was not clear myself on the relationship between Ian, Watson and myself. Ian and I have a common ancestor Robert Hume my great (x4) grandfather. As a result we are “4th cousins”. However Robert Hume is Ian’s great (x3) grandfather and so we are “once removed”. I have included below a “cousins chart” or “table of consanguinity” that shows this graphically. If one person's → Grand-parent Great grand-parent Great(x2) grand-parent Great(x3) grand-parent Great (x4) grand-parent Is the other person’s ↓ then they are ↘ Grandparent 1st cousins 1st cousins once removed 1st cousins twice removed 1st cousins thrice removed 1st cousins four times removed Great grandparent 1st cousins once removed 2nd cousins 2nd cousins once removed 2nd cousins twice removed 2nd cousins thrice removed Great(x2) grandparent 1st cousins twice removed 2nd cousins once removed 3rd cousins 3rd cousins once removed 3rd cousins twice removed Great(x3) grandparent 1st cousins thrice removed 2nd cousins twice ...

Archibald Hume , Letter to his sister 1839 Pt. 1

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