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The Fanfiction Guild - Find in this WebRing sites containing all manner of fan fiction, for TV series, movies, literature, rpg or other, be it

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The Fanfiction Guild

 Subrings: Slash   Crossover Fanfiction   Beatles Fanfiction   The Tardis and the Hub   En Français   Literature   The Enterprise  
Manager: genessa
This ring's forum is soley dedicated to ~any~ living person who writes ~any~ form of fanfiction for ~any~ fandom. From Gundam Wing to Sailor Moon to DBZ to...whatever fandom you follow! It's all here!

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1010 Spot Re-Mix! Gundam Wing & DBGT Fics! - 03/29/2003

This site has fanfics that are like woah! Did U want 2 read about your favorite characers doing crazy things?! Then come in! U are missing out on a bunch of things! We throw out a TON of promotions! The current one is 2 give U a chance 2 shine like paint! If U are one of the first five people to e-mail us then U could win a chance 2 publish 12 of YOUR fanfics DON'T JUST READ FANF

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