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Urban Exploration - Sites focusing on the art of urban exploration: touring storm drains, abandoned buildings, rooftops, transit tunnels, co

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Urban Exploration

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This forum serves the urban exploration ring, which contains sites focussing on the art of urban exploration: touring storm drains, abandoned buildings, rooftops, transit tunnels, college steam tunnels and other off-limits locations.

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Urban Exploration: Zhongshan Bunkers, China - 05/18/2013

China is massive. It is vast and varied, over a billion people divided between 56 ethnic groups, and between them speaking almost 300 different languages. Above all else, China is unpredictable; a fact to which the following report stands testament. We set out one bright morning in March, in search of a rumoured network of military tunnels buried beneath a city park. We found the tunnels alright... but the expedition soon turned into a surreal odyssey featuring abandoned playgrounds, giant insects, dead puppies and Orwellian security systems. Qingdao Zhongshan Park There are more than 40 parks in China named 'Zhongshan', as well as one city. The name comes from Sun Yat-sen , founding father and first president of the Republic of China. In Chinese, this great political leader is more commonly known as 'Sun Zhongshan'. When I first heard stories about a network of tunnels beneath Qingdao Zhongshan Park, it didn't sound too far fetched; on a previous visit to this city I had explored a series of abandoned military tunnels , dug beneath the nearby Mount Fu by nineteenth century German colonists. The notion of further tunnels, right in the heart of the city, seemed to be a theory worth investigating. Our taxi pulled up on the street outside an old Taoist Temple, and we stepped into the middle of a disturbance of sorts. Two police officers were trying to move a woman sat on the pavement, while another woman heckled them in a raised voice. We sailed past the growing throng of spect...

Urban Exploration: Zhongshan Bunkers, China

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