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Rodent Ring - This ring is about rodents; the adorable little critters we like to keep as pets!      

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Rodent Ring

Manager: noriko
The webring for breeders of pocket pets and small exotics, such as: rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, degus, jerboas, flying squirrels, cavies, chinchillas, rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets, and any other little critter you might keep!

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Introducing...a New Gerbil Breeder in Fort Worth, Texas - 05/22/2013
We are a new gerbil breeder located in Fort Worth, Texas. We are in the Northwest area near the town of Saginaw. Our baby gerbils will be bred selectively for health and tameness and will be handled often and early for optimum socialization. We have extensive experience with other rodents, mainly rats. We have raised pet rats off and on for the past twenty years and have actively been breeding them for over two years now. We are now trying our hand at also breeding gerbils with the primary goal of producing tamer baby gerbils. There do not seem to be very many serious gerbil breeders in Texas, and often small animals are not handled enough in pet stores and can become fearful. Our goal is to handle our baby gerbils often for optimum socialization and to breed only the friendliest ones, producing better pets with each generation. This is not a business. We just happen to love small animals and enjoy studying rodent genetics. As hobbyist breeders with a small number of animals, we have time to work with each baby born here. Our baby gerbils will be $20 each which will help to ensure that they will go to good homes. Gerbils are great pets for a few reasons. They are very animated and fun to watch. The smell of their urine is virtually undetectable so their habitat can be cleaned less often. They are very curious, and although they do not like to be restrained in your hand or held a long time, they ca...

Introducing...a New Gerbil Breeder in Fort Worth, Texas

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