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Rodent Ring - This ring is about rodents; the adorable little critters we like to keep as pets!      

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Rodent Ring

Manager: noriko
The webring for breeders of pocket pets and small exotics, such as: rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, degus, jerboas, flying squirrels, cavies, chinchillas, rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets, and any other little critter you might keep!

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Gerbil cage set ups: 10 gallon aquariums - 05/21/2013

This is a ten gallon aquarium with a metal mesh lid and wire mesh wheel. The bedding is a combination of aspen shavings and corn cob bedding. The wheel and hanging toy are attached to the lid and help weigh it down enough to keep the gerbils from pushing it up. Here is the same gerbil tank from above. Gerbils need a food dish, water bottle, a wheel, cardboard and wood to chew on, possibly a mineral wheel, bedding materials, and maybe another place to hide in addition to under their bedding.  This other cage has a lid that is partly plastic with a wire mesh in the middle. The plastic top is a little less expensive than the all metal lid, but there is a slight chance they could chew their way out of it. The wheel was attached using zip ties. This silent wheel is considered safer for baby gerbils than the wire one. This is also the best wheel to use if you are keeping your gerbils in your bedroom and are a light sleeper. The possible drawback with any plastic accessories is that rodents may chew them over time. One of our gerbils runs too fast for the plastic wheel and gets thrown off of it. That speedy girl was switched back to a wire wheel where she gets more traction. Our other gerbils, including the female nutmeg pictured above, have no problem running at the perfect pace on this plastic, silent wheel. We have had pretty good luck with plast...

Gerbil cage set ups: 10 gallon aquariums

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