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A ring for sites of feline rescue groups and shelters; non-profit organizations./p p /p

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There were 20 Heroes at That Fire - 07/10/2013

Yesterday, there was a big memorial service for the 19 hotshot firecrew that were killed at Yarnell, AZ. We kept hearing all day about the "19 heroes". To say there were 19 fallen heroes is one thing, but there were 20 heroes there that day on the front line. They all went into a dangerous situation to try to save other people's homes and lives. Just because one survived by pure luck because his assigned position was not overrun does not alter the fact that he is as much of a hero as the rest. Being killed doesn't make you a hero, but surviving doesn't make you any less of one, either. Unfortunately, due to survivor's guilt and the high rate of suicide among first responders, I'm worried that he may not actually be a survivor. Let us pray that this equally worthy hero does indeed survive. And let us all remember all 20 heroes that were there that day.  to lend support and to see more about these amazing, heroic men. Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots's Photos in Timeline Photos  

There were 20 Heroes at That Fire

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