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Bus Enthusiasts

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For all sites about buses and created by Bus Enthusiasts.

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Another Season - 06/12/2012
Well it seems June is flying by, and the end of the school year is very near. I guess I haven't had much to say in a while. I think it's because I don't have much good to say and hate to complain constantly. My review this spring, felt like a hassle because I wasn't sure I wanted to renew my bus licence at all. However after some careful thought I decided to jump thru all the hoops and am still a licenced bus driver for the next few years, but for how long I will drive ... well, I'll just wait and see. My kids this year have been pretty good over all, and I know I have lots of new ones coming in Sept. and I do so like to listen to the little ones chatter. If you take the company policies and politics out of the equation, then school bus driving is still a good job for stay at home parents or retirees. Anyway we shall see what we see, in the meantime I have found a little house in need of repairs, but to cheap to pass up. I am ...

Another Season

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