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Command addsite?addsite not recognized - 01/06/2011
After I register my website with the ScienceFictionFantasy Ring, I get the error: command addsite?addsite not recognized.

What needs to be done to add my site, http://LancerKind.com to the webring?

My email: LancerKind@yahoo.com

Replied - 01/06/2011
This doesn't sounds like a webring blog system issue. If you could post in the membership support forum and include the URL fo the ring hub page wher you clicking the Join that would be helpful

Replied - 01/06/2011
I ignored the error and soldiered on. I think the sideaffect is the slightly strange, though acceptable U#=defurl
I posted to this forum because the code I embedded on my site was showing an error message, but after I joined a ring everything worked fine. (I had assumed I was already joined to the ring of the site that inspired me to click on "join webring".)

It's all good, though the workflow is a little confusing and generated a specious error message.

Thanks for lending a hand so quickly! I really appreciate the thought.


Replied - 01/07/2011
Glad you got it sorted out. Sounds like the application wasn't "finished" on the first ring you clicked on....not sure why.

The process IS a littel complex, unfortunately. There are so many ways of coming at joining a ring that it is nearly unavoidable. But we're always looking for ways to KISS it.

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