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messed up navbars - 11/24/2010
I'm trying to sign up with various rings. The navbar of the first ring I was approved by and loaded to my site keeps forward and back clicking to random web rings with no rhyme or reason I can see. All subsequent attempts to sign on to webrings gets a message saying 'correct navbar already on your site'. This appears to relate to the first navbar. I looked at the code, and I don't see anything distinguishing one webring from another (a number, etc). Can anyone suggest how to get the navbars to mind their own business, and not go wandering off at random?

Thank you


Replied - 11/24/2010
I think you may be getting a few separate issues mixed up here.
Firstly and I think most importantly, you only need to add the SSNB navbar code to your page ONCE, no matter how many rings you join.
When using the SSNB code, the standard or default setting is to display whichever ring is at the top of what is called your "Stack" (just a fancy name for the collection of all the rings you belong to).
However, if you go to your page by clicking on a "Next" or "Prev" in one of the other rings you are in, that ring will display in the navbar on your site.
You will do best to remove the html code for the two Science Fiction rings, and just use the one SSNB navbar.
If you would really like to display all the rings on your page at once(very heavy on bandwidth and resources), we can give you further details of how to do that.
I do hope this clarifies things a bit...

Replied - 11/24/2010
Thank you for your reply to my earlier post. I really do want to display all my webring navbars, and to have them go where they are supposed to rather than wandering around in a drunken stupor. I'm not sure what the bandwidth issues are, but I'll look into that once the existing three are up and running, and modify my plans accordingly. Can you tell me how to get each navbar to stick to its own ring, please?

All my best

Replied - 11/24/2010
seems like you've gone about sliptting teh navbars. really not a great idea, in our opinion. Simply making them all appear si far simpler. But, you've gone that route, so have fun with it

Replied - 11/25/2010
Hello again,
You will need to take quite a few steps to get things working correctly.
Basically this will join all the "sites" you have entered into one Navbar "Stack".

1. Got to the "URLs" tab halfway down your "My Account" page and you will see at least three "sites" listed.
2. Click on "edit settings" next to where it says "U#: defurl" and find the tick box part way down the list that says U#: and should have "defurl" in the box.
3. Change that U# to read "10192729" and tick the box.
4. Make sure the tick box next to "Show the navbar of the ring being surfed first." is unticked.
5. Click the "Change" button at the bottom of that page.
6. Go back to the URLs page and repeat these steps for U#:10192730 (changing it to 10192729).
7. Then go to the html file for your page and replace all of this-

<P><CENTER><script type="text/javascript"src="http://ss.webring.com/navbar?f=j;y=selfpublisher;u=defurl"></script><script

type="text/javascript"src="http://ss.webring.com/navbar?f=j;y=selfpublisher;u=10192729"></script><script type="text/javascript"src="http://ss.webring.com/navbar?


with this-

<P><CENTER><script type="text/javascript"src="http://ss.webring.com/navbar?f=j;y=selfpublisher;u=10192729&full=y"></script></CENTER></P>

That should get all your rings displaying together in the order found here-


The bandwidth I mentioned earlier is actually WebRing bandwidth supplying all the images and Navbar contents every time someone visits your site. This will cause extra costs for WebRing. Perhaps you should consider becoming a WebRing premium member so that you can help support WebRing.

Replied - 11/29/2010
It looks to have worked - well done

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