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Adopt a Pet - Find in this ring websites that offer pet animals for adoption, or discuss the adoption of dogs, or share the joys of ha

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Adopt a Pet

Manager: genessa
Adopt a Dog, This web ring is for web sites dealing with Dogs rescue and animal adoption. Also welcome are personal pages of pets who have been adopted from shelters, etc. and sites about animals health and safety.

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Joining Ring - 09/06/2004
Thank you for your time, I am active and support our local shelter here in Topeka Kansas, lately I've been getting request from other rescues for donations or for some sort of help.
I help as many as I can without going broke. The Web rings was suggested by a shelter in Texas who found out about us from another shelter, as a way to get the word out to the many shelters who would like to get tarps, shade kits etc at a reduced price. I only give discounts to rescue and k-9 units.
I would like to summit my site to your web ring, but if my type of site is not appropriate, any suggestions to getting the word out to other shelters would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time
Art Rangel owner

Thanks Art Rangel

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