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Best Travel Sites - This ring is a collection of the greatest travel sites on the Internet today. We have sites for family travel, sites for

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Best Travel Sites

Manager: nathal54
This ring is a collection of the Greatest Travel Sites on the Internet today. By joining this Ring, you will have many more visitors to your Website and become very well known all over the World. Come Join us Today and be part of this Greatest Ring

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Downsizing - 09/17/2012

Round 2 - E arlier, first Quarter this year, the Can Opener resolved to downsize EVERYthing . Yep, that's right. Everything. I was skeptical but cheered him on from my usual kinetic perch on the comfiest sofa cushion. And he's made some definite inroads on the paper stacks there's no denying. But now we approach the final and 4th Quarter of the year and it's time to mark progress again. That is if I can find my First Mate under the boxes... Yes, Downsizing Round 2 has begun.  The ultimate goal?  To fit our entire life into 20 boxes or less.  The chances of achieving this by year end? Hmmm.  Things that can get us closer to the ultimate goal? Putting all our tunes on an online account and in a single hard drive as back up. Kindle. Kindle. Kindle. Ideally the only paper books we'll carry aboard will be reference texts. And a few literary wonders as back up. The Can Opener does love his books, so this will have real impact. Our ...


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