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Spinnaker Drills - 09/11/2012

Racing vs Cruising - S pinnaker Drills - Cruising  L ast Friday I had the Can Opener doing spinnaker drills double time quick on the foredeck of our buddy Cap'n André's boat.  The three of us cruised over to Langstone Harbour for the day, put the assymetric up and joyfully tweeked the sail controls all the way to maximise our speed. A truly fantastic day. Not one thing I'd change about it. No sir-ee. In the past, the Can Opener's been skipper more often than not. So finetuning his skills on the foredeck is one of the many priorities I have for him. He worked like a trooper and I must say I was tolerably pleased with his performance. When we're out alone, he'll be the one attending to the sail changes so it's critical he gets it right... right after he finishes sautéing my fresh-caught fish juuuuust the way I like it. S pinnaker Drills - Cruising vs Racing Performance The number 1 racing spinnaker On Saturday and Sunday, the Can Opener and I rel...

Spinnaker Drills

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