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125021  Gifts and Trinkets - This webring is perfect for those of you that are constantly looking for gifts and trinkets. It's perfect if you need jewelry, home furnishings, and beautiful trinkets. The perfect combination of eclectic websites.
118276  Doll Webring -  


This ring is for doll lovers with sites having anything to do with dolls!


1181191  Ring Of Movie Sites -

If you have a movie website that you have created, you can submit it here. Please only submit pages that you feel are high quality, informative, or just plain fun. Websites must be related to movies.



1159393  Genealogy - Your genealogy stop for
* family history information,
* assistance with genealogy research and resources,
* or just the best place to promote your own budding family tree


We're all genealogy, all the time!  Find and share your roots here

111012  States of America - This nation is made up of many, many beautiful states. Come visit them and see why each webpage thinks theirs is the most beautiful of all. Washington, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona are some of the featured states.
110649  World of Froud Webring - This ring was created for fans of Froud to share their websites which are related to all things in the realm of faery and/or inspired by the work of Froud. This webring is designed to be viewable for all ages. Please note: any images found on this page are not to be used for linking purposes.



109942  L'Anneau des Mathématiques Francophones - L'anneau des mathématiques Francophones est ouvert aux institutions mathématiques (laboratoires, instituts...), pages personnelles de mathématiciens

1075133  Blog*Spot - Blogspot is one of the most popular and best known hosts for weblogs. This is the first WebRing dedicated exclusively to the variety of journals, rants, and other creations of BlogSpot users.

10064  Deutsch als Fremdsprache Interaktiv - Dieser Webring verbindet alle Websites, die sich mit interaktiven Übungen im Fach "Deutsch als Fremdsprache" beschäftigen. "All facets of Germanic language, culture, history,"
97916  Women Artists Online -  

Welcome to WomenArtistsOnline WebRing, a group of talented female artists with a presence on the web. Many of these women sell their artwork, although some just offer to share it with viewers.

If you are a Woman Artist and would like to be considered for our ring, please apply*. In order to keep our standards high your site will be reviewed before approval.

*Please note:

1) Only FEMALE artists will be approved

2) Only sites which use OUR LOGO (the image with paintbrush) will be approved. If the button is not installed within 1 week, the site will be denied. (I will be happy to provide help with the code if you need help)

94756  Tesla Coil - This WebRing is for Web Sites that have some content about Nikola Tesla or Tesla Coils. Tesla Coils being high voltage air core transformers which send long arcs of high voltage electricity through the air. COILERS UNITE!


946147  Travelring - Thinking of traveling to an exciting destination? Start by checking out the many sites listed below to find information on destinations around the world, inexpensive transportation options, and some of the greatest accomodations available.

93344   Jewelry and Gemstones -

-Jewelry- Bringing you the finest quality.. fashion and handcrafted jewelry... classic and stylish vintage, retro and modern jewelry accessories and collectibles. If you are searching for sites featuring... vintage, retro and modern jewelry.. we invite you to checkout our webring of the classiest sites on the web.

93322  Filker's Bardic Ring -

A ring dedicated to filk music. Filk pertains mainly to science fiction and fantasy, but can be about almost anything!

925232  The Military Network -

Please Use the sub community menu on the right side of the page to locate your interests more quckly!

The Military Network! The largest veteran - military network in the world.

Our aim is to provide veterans with resources and information that they are looking for in an easily navigable environment.

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