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11964  Big Blogs - This webring for the blogs of Big Beautiful Women and Big Handsome Men or sometimes called Big Beautiful Men




115825  Kids Crafts - Welcome parents, teachers, GrandParents and, of course, kids! Here you'll find lots of creative activities for kids ages 2 through 15. Our Ring is founded on the belief that children are naturally creative and love brain-stimulating activities when given the chance.
114823  Jazz! -

The WebRing for Musicians, Instrumentalists, Arrangers, Composers, Singers and of course Listeners. A Special Welcome to Jazz Musicians. Cruise the ring, and check it out. Tune In and Get Tuned up !!

11369  Gay & Lesbian Blogs - A ring of web-logs and journals written by and for gay, lesbian, transgendered, queer and 2-spirited people.




111312  States of America - This nation is made up of many, many beautiful states. Come visit them and see why each webpage thinks theirs is the most beautiful of all. Washington, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona are some of the featured states.
109942  L'Anneau des Mathématiques Francophones - L'anneau des mathématiques Francophones est ouvert aux institutions mathématiques (laboratoires, instituts...), pages personnelles de mathématiciens

109083  Urban Exploration - Sites focusing on the art of urban exploration: touring storm drains, abandoned buildings, rooftops, transit tunnels, college steam tunnels, old ruins, and other off-limits locations.


107710  ...Algeria... - Anything about Algeria or the United Republics of Africa.
1075242  The Military Network -

Please Use the sub community menu on the right side of the page to locate your interests more quckly!

The Military Network! The largest veteran - military network in the world.

Our aim is to provide veterans with resources and information that they are looking for in an easily navigable environment.

10682  Harnworld & Harnmaster -

Featuring sites dedicated to Columbia Games Harn World, including Harnmaster, rules variants, adventures, religion, magic, historical references and more.

10622  The HOLLY JOLLY Christmas! WebRing - Ho! Ho! Ho! M-e-r-r-y Christmas! Have a HOLLY JOLLY Christmas! It's the best time of the year, I don't know if there'll be snow, but have a cup of cheer! Have a HOLLY JOLLY Christmas! And when you walk down the street, Say Hello to friends you know, and everyone you meet!
This ring is to celebrate CHRISTMAS!
Santa Claus and The Christmas Spirit!


10432   Solstice Webring - The Spiritual Webring for the true Children of God. Those who honor God, the gods, and the earth. Those who, among other things, celebrate the true holiday of the Solstice, rather than the fabricated commercial holiday known as Christmas.
103914  Tropical Diseases WebRing - A ring which gathers web sites related to tropical diseases and more particularly malaria disease. African sites related to medicine are also included.

Ring regoupant les sites en rapport avec les maladies tropicales et en particulier le paludisme. Les sites africains sur la medecine seront egalement bien venus.

10064  Deutsch als Fremdsprache Interaktiv - Dieser Webring verbindet alle Websites, die sich mit interaktiven Übungen im Fach "Deutsch als Fremdsprache" beschäftigen. "All facets of Germanic language, culture, history,"
10053  Crafts for Kids -

A ring dedicated to highlighting Kids Crafts sites. By kids, for kids!! Sites with craft supplies, instruction, and ideas included.

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