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Top 30 Rings - Previous three days.
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RankScore Title
1.947116Travel Web
2.911316Best Travel Sites
3.425325The Teachers Blog
4.365752The Paper Model WebRing
5.282916The Oasis of Wisdom Ring
6.211173Blog This!
7.141172Arts and Crafts WebRing
8.121112A Names and Naming Webring
9.1177101Military & Politics
11.115825Kids Crafts
12.109942L'Anneau des Mathématiques Francophones
14.10064Deutsch als Fremdsprache Interaktiv
15.10053Crafts for Kids
16.97916Women Artists Online
17.9372The Stage
18.84212Wooden Boat Ring
19.83951Knitting Ring
20.82389PICmicro Sites
21.819374The History Ring
22.80798Urban Exploration
23.79010Mad Science
24.783599Personal Homepage Ring
25.77717Scottish Historical Resources and Heritage Information
26.761119Woodworking Ring
27.75975Classical Music WebRing
29.64560Tesla Coil
30.63543Christian Songwriters Web Ring

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